One of our goals is to provide links to some of the many open and online resources that are related to the teaching and study of music. These are not exhaustive, but may provide starting points for research or reading. They are not meant to stand alone and, in some cases, require significant introduction and contextualization in the classroom.

Items labeled “Teaching” and some others (like “Virtual Fieldwork”) are primarily intended for instructors. Others are resources that people have used as assigned reading/watching/listening in their undergraduate classrooms.

Please note that these items do not go through the same review process as World Music Textbook contributions. If you would like to add any resources, suggest a bibliography, have any concerns about a resource, would like to edit or add to a resource description, or find a broken link, please email the editors.

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Wayne Marshall, "American Clave/Ragtime Country" (2020)

An accompaniment to an article that appeared in the Journal of Popular Music Studies that provides examples of rhythmic tropes across American popular music genres

Musical Terms Popular Music United States

Google Doodle, "Celebrating Mbira" (2020)

Try your own hand at this instrument that has been played for over 1,000 years, while experiencing a story as told through the lens of a Zimbabwean girl who learns to play the mbira. This post generated some discussion in social media, including this post with some context on its creation and this one that discusses power and race in ethnomusicology. Since these are social media posts, they may not be available to all users.

Africa Interactive Musical Instruments

Imaginary: Open Mathematics, "Pink Trombone" (2020)

Pink trombone is a model of the human vocal tract that synthesizes human voice from scratch, controllable with your fingers.

Interactive Musical Terms

Imaginary: Open Mathematics, "Scale Lab" (2020)

Scale Lab allows you to explore, measure, create and modify both individual sounds and musical scales. This exhibit covers the fundamentals of sound, perception of consonance and dissonance and the creation of scales from single tones.

Interactive Musical Terms

Imaginary: Open Mathematics, "Pentatonic Scales" (2020)

Move through the “Space of Pentatonic Scales” and create your own impressionistic style music by playing pieces by classical composers with only five notes.

Interactive Musical Terms

Michelle Stefano, "On Remote Fieldwork and 'Shifting Gears'," (2020), Folklife Today

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

Deborah Lupton, editor, "Doing fieldwork in a pandemic" (2020)

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

Liz Przbylski, Hybrid Ethnography: Online, Offline, and in Between (2020), Sage Publishing

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

Jennifer Kyker, "Sekuru's Stories" (2019)

A digital humanities project focusing on southern African musical instruments and traditions

Africa Musical Instruments

The Pudding Team, "Who is the Biggest Pop Star?," (2019), The Pudding

A data based article that problematizes a simple understanding of what constitutes 'popular' in 'popular music'

Media Popular Music

Matt Daniels, "Are Men Singing Higher in Pop Music?," (2019), The Pudding

This interactive article uses graphs to describe contour and style in popular music

Media Musical Terms Popular Music

Shankar Vedantam, "The Edge Effect" (2018)

A podcast about the Silk Road Ensemble and cross-cultural collaborations. (I use it in conversation with analysis of the production of the Graceland album drawing on Meintjes’ work)

Collaboration Global

Monique M. Ingalls, Singing the Congregation: How Contemporary Worship Music Forms Evangelical Community (2018), Oxford University Press

This work uses hybrid methodologies to research Evangelical worship practices and includes a chapter titled "Worship on Screen" that explores online content as an "extension of congregations into the virtual realm."

Virtual Fieldwork

Association for Cultural Equity, "The Global Jukebox" (2017)

From the site: The Global Jukebox explores connections between families of expressive style. One can travel the world of song, dance and language through the Wheel Chart and the Map. Thousands of examples of the world’s music, dance and other expressive behavior are available here.

Global Interactive

Abelton, "Learning Music" (2017)

An in-browser interactive series of lessons on rhythm, pitch, and similar concepts that includes a playground. Built by the makers of Abelton Live.

Interactive Musical Instruments Musical Terms

Google Doodle, "44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop" (2017)

Interactive turntables on which users can mix samples from legendary tracks, and a serving of Hip Hop history - with an emphasis on its founding pioneers.

Interactive Musical Instruments Popular Music

Matt Daniels, "Crowdsourcing the Definition of "Punk"," (2017), The Pudding

This article uses the example of punk to show how "genres exist entirely in our heads"

Media Musical Terms Popular Music

Rhiannon Giddens, "Rhiannon Giddens' Keynote Address at IBMA Conference: Community and Connection" (2017)

The prominent singer, songwriter, and banjo player Rhiannon Giddens shares the relationship between race, the banjo, the music industry, and old time and bluegrass music

African Diaspora Historical Ethnomusicology Musical Instruments Race United States

Kiri Miller, Playable Bodies: Dance Games and Intimate Media (2017), Oxford University Press

Dance Virtual Fieldwork

Larissa Hjorth et. al. (editors), The Routledge Companion to Digital Ethnography (2017), Routledge

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

Radio Garden, "Radio Garden" (2016)

An interactive website to listen to live, streaming radio stations from across the world.

Global Interactive Media

Google Doodle, "Clara Rockmore’s 105th Birthday" (2016)

An interactive theremin celebrating Clara Rockmore, "the instrument's most well-known performer".

Interactive Musical Instruments

Ethan Hein, "Visualizing hip-hop melodies" (2016)

Using visualizations to show pitch, this article demonstrates the relationship between melody and rhythm as well as the importance of each in style

African Diaspora Musical Terms Popular Music

Sarah Pink et al. (editors), Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practice (2016), Sage Publishing

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

The Society for Ethnomusicology, "Music and Social Justice Resources Project" (2015)

A curated listing of online and offline resources related to music and social justice, protest, refugee issues, sustainability, and similar topics

Activism Global Immigration Politics Public Musicology Race Sustainability Teaching

Jasmine Garsd, "Cumbia: The Musical Backbone of Latin America" (2015)

Podcast about cumbia music that describes the history of cumbia and how it developed into a pan-Latin musical style.

Latin America Popular Music

Tristan Ahtone, "Radio on the Reservation" (2014)

Article exploring the continuing significance of radio stations on reservations in the United States.

Indigeneity Media Native America

Wendy F. Hsu, "Digital Ethnography Toward Augmented Empiricism: A New Methodological Framework," (2014), Journal of Digital Humanities

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

Mark Grimshaw (editor), The Oxford Handbook of Virtuality (2014), Oxford University Press

Four chapters on the topic of sound and sonic perspectives on virtual worlds include work by Karen Collins, Tom A. Garner and Mark Grimshaw, Trevor S. Harvey, and Martin Knakkergaard.

Sound Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

David G. Hebert and Jonathan McCollum, "Methodologies for Historical Ethnomusicology in the Twenty-First Century," (2014), in Theory and Method in Historical Ethnomusicology, edited by Jonathan McCollum and David G. Hebert

Historical Ethnomusicology Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

Stephen Smith, "‘Song Catcher: Frances Densmore of Red Wing’ and ‘Artist Charles Biederman’" (2013)

A podcast in which the first twenty minutes are dedicated to exploring the life and work of Frances Densmore.

Ethnomusicology Indigeneity Native America

Tom Boellstorff et al., Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: A Handbook of Method (2013), Princeton Univeristy Press

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

SEM{STUDENTNEWS}, Student Concerns Committee, "Special issue on digital ethnomusicology" (2013)

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

Nati Cano, "The Sounds of Mariachi: Lessons in Mariachi Performance (DVD)" (2010)

This Smithsonian Folkways DVD includes lessons about mariachi music from Natividad "Nati" Cano, former director of Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano. The website includes a sample video "Chapter 3: Play bolero style."

Dance Latin America Musical Instruments Popular Music

NPR Music, "Tito Puente: ‘El Rey’" (2008)

A 54-minute podcast about the life and influence of percussionist Tito Puente.

Jazz Latin America

Abigail Wood, "E-Fieldwork: A Paradigm for the 21st century?," (2008), in The New (Ethno)musicologies, edited by Henry Stobart (pages 170-187)

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

Timothy J. Cooley and others, "Virtual Fieldwork: Three Case Studies," (2008), in Shadows in the Field. New Perspectives for Fieldwork in Ethnomusicology, edited by Gregory F. Barz and Timothy J. Cooley (pages 90-107)

Teaching Virtual Fieldwork

NPR and PRI, "Afropop Worldwide (Podcasts)" (1988)

A series of podcasts dedicated to African music both in Africa and across the diaspora.

Africa African Diaspora Latin America Popular Music